Valuation and legal

Valuation fees

We will carry out an independent valuation report in order to calculate how much we can lend to your client.

The fee will be variable, depending on the value of the borrower’s property.

Commercial valuation fees are available by negotiation.

Property value up to Mortgage valuation inc. VAT
£300,000  £480
£400,000  £530
 £500,000 £630
£600,000 £685
£700,000 £755
£800,000 £855
£900,000 £905
£1.000,000 £1,005
£1,500,000 £1,455
£2,000,000 £1,855
£3,000,000 £2,655

Legal fees

We will instruct solicitors to carry out work on your client’s mortgage. The cost of this work will typically be charged directly to the borrower by the solicitor.

The fee will be variable, depending on each borrower’s case and will be additional to any charges made by solicitors working on their behalf.

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