May 31, 2017

Broker insight with Focus Commercial – ‘a true partnership’

As we continue to expand our loan book in the North, we took the opportunity to catch-up with one of our broker partners based in the region: Focus Commercial. We sat down with their chief executive, John McNamara, to talk about the opportunities in the North of England and why they see LendInvest as an invaluable partner in getting these deals over the line quickly.

Focus Commercial:

With offices in Liverpool, London and Glasgow, Focus Commercial was established in 2012 to offer clients bespoke financial solutions across the country. Having grown extensively over the last five years, they offer a range of property finance solutions, selecting best in the market development and refurbishment deals for their growing customer base.

John first encountered LendInvest back in the days when we existed as Montello finance: ‘I’ve worked with LendInvest since 2012. I’ve seen the company grow and we’ve continued to work closely with them’.

Working with LendInvest:

John spoke to us about the ‘open’, ‘honest’ and ‘intuitive’ approach they’d received from LendInvest over the years and is pleased that our focus is now stretching up and down the country:

‘LendInvest are developing products for a national audience. We feel we’re the perfect partner for them’.

Our renewed presence in the North in the last year with the appointment of a dedicated Business Development Manager for the area, Damien Druce, has served to only strengthen this industry partnership: John commenting, ‘Damien’s very pro-active. He wants to work with us to get deals over the line’.

John also spoke to us about the growth of the Northern market, particularly over the last two to three years, describing the Liverpool market as booming at the moment. He concluded by saying: ‘LendInvest understand the development model here in the North, capturing the pre-planning, construction and onto development exit phase of a project which is what’s needed in the market right now’.

Interested in finding out more? You can get in touch with Damien Druce, Business Development Manager for the North, here.